Waste Management in Bengaluru

Soil and Health is a social enterprise in Begaluru, India, started in 2016 by Vasuki Iyengar. Our goal is to maximize the value extracted from solid waste, while minimizing its environmental impact, so that both our economy and our environment can thrive. We offer a wide range of composting solutions to individual homes, places of worship, communities such as apartments and layouts, and commercial establishments that suit everybody. In collaboration with Stonesoup, we offer customised solutions to sustainably manage our customers' solid waste.

We make composting of biodegradables easy. We are into:

  • Composting solutions for individual homes, communities and commercial establishments and institutions – over 5000 homes, 10 apartments/hostels and 5 agricultural farms are composting their waste using Soil and Health / Stonesoup home composting bins and are growing safe vegetables with the compost.
  • Leaf composting at temples/churches, apartments, streets, individual homes. We have more than 150 leaf composters installed across Bengaluru in 25 temples/churches, 20 apartments, 5 public parks, 25 individual volunteer homes. We also have 10 swacha beedhi (clean street) leaf composters enabling the coming together of a neighbourhood to keep their street clean.
  • Consultancy in choosing appropriate products/solutions to manage solid waste at community level and help reduce bad odour, flies etc.
We are in the news!

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"Holy Compost" is the buzz word in Bengaluru
.     - The Hindu, 5th October, 2018

About the team

Vasuki iyengar

Vasuki Iyengar, the founder of Soil and Health, is a waste management specialist in Bengaluru with 4 years of experience in planning, implementing, and coordinating comprehensive waste management systems that are designed to maximize waste prevention, reuse, and recycling opportunities.

Vasuki is also the HR director at iProcess Info – a Software product company developing safety applications for Oil and Natural Gas Industry. He holds an engineering degree in Computer Science and has served in IT industry for over 22 years.

Vasuki lives sustainably by composting kitchen waste using aerobic and anaerobic composting process as well as preparing and using bio enzyme, a cleaning liquid made from citrus peels. He believes and lives by the 4R principles – Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Vasuki Iyengar

Vinayaka s

Vinayaka has been working with Soil and Health for over two years. He helps the company with installation, training and accounting.

Although Vinayak is an accountant by profession, he comes from a farming background. He hails from Hosanagar where his family owns farm land.

He works as an accountant at iProcess Info, which is where Vasuki and he met about 3 years back.


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