Waste Management Consultancy

Our consulting projects are tailored to the unique needs of each customer. Whether an apartment, layout, community, temple or park, we analyze your specific situation and challenges and recommend composting solutions to solve your problem, whether or not they are Soil and Health products. We take a realistic, consultative approach and understand and work with your specific constraints.

We can help whether you are looking for a brand new composting operation or you already have existing set up (irrespective of who set it up) and are facing issues such as flies or bad odor. We offer you our extensive experience working on a variety of waste management projects over the last 4 years.

Our approach extends to not just composting consultancy, but to the broader area of waste management and green living. By taking a closer look at your operations, we work with you to determine how sustainability makes sense for your community or home. Together, we build an actionable plan that delivers green results simply, practically and economically.


We are involved in every phase of the composting project life-cycle.

Phase 1: We guide the housekeeping team in conducting a waste audit. This involves weighing segregated waste and maintaining a weight log for 10 days to understand how much weight is generated. The average wet waste weight of the 10 days helps determine the appropriate number of composters.

Phase 2: We work with the housekeeping team, training and enabling them to implement waste management policies. We find and install the equipment at appropriate locations, and we train the housekeeping staff on how to manage waste in the composting equipment.

Phase 3: We mentor and coach the housekeeping committee/eco-club/eco-volunteers to partner with other residents and staff in addressing and troubleshooting any problems that might crop up.

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Whether you looking for waste management solutions for your community or for your business, call us to learn more about how we can help you.

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