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Cutlery Set


Cutlery Set: Rs. 15/-        .

Lunch Plate (12”)                                         Water Tumbler (250 ml)

Snack Plate (9”)                                            Small Tumbler (100 ml)

Cup (100 ml)                                                 Spoon                         .

Tumbler Set

tumbler set

Water Tumbler(250 ml): Rs. 6/-

Small Tumbler (100 ml): Rs. 4/-



Cup (100 ml): Rs. 4/-

Plate set


Dinner Plate (12”): Rs. 6/-

Snack Plate (9”): Rs. 4/-

Cup and Spoon

cup and spoon

Cup (100 ml): Rs. 4/-

Spoon: Rs. 4/-

Note: Transportation and applicable taxes extra

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