Waste Management Course 1

We offer waste management courses and seminars to corporates, communities, schools, hotels and resorts etc coveting various topics related to waste management awareness, sustainable living, composting, gardening and chemical-free living.

Learn how to make different types of DIY composters, how to segregate and compost, and how to grow your own greens and vegetables with compost. The learning happens via energizing team-building and hands-on activities. Below are some of the topics covered:

  • Why we need to manage garbage and the connection between soil health to Human Health
  • Effective Segregation using 2bin1bag
  • Demo on Aerobic composting
  • 4R - Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - BYOC - Bring your own cutlery, Say no to single use disposables
  • Community Composting
  • Leaf and kitchen waste composting
  • Make your own Do it yourself (DIY) composters
  • Case Studies of home and community composting
  • Preparation of Bio Enzymes

Waste Management Course 2

Activity 1: Activate EM solution or waste decomposer liquid or soak microbial cocopeat
  • Procure Jaggery or Black Strap Molasses for EM or Waste Decomposer
Activity 2: Do it yourself Home Composter

Learn to make two types of home composter and leaf composter

The whole group will be split into 3 groups.
Group 1: Home composter type 1 - Blue drum or bin composter
Group 2: Home composter type 2 - DIY compost bin using paint bucket and metal mesh
Group 3: DIY mesh composter
Group 4: Pipe Composter
Group 5: Jugaad or Dabba Composting


Materials required:

1) Wet waste (Participants to carry wet waste from home)
2) Dry leaves (2 sacks)
3) Regular cocopeat

Activity 3: Cooking - Prepare fruit salad or vegetable salad

Prepare Vegetable salad, fruit salad, lemon juice

Participants prepare vegetable salad, fruit salad, lemon juice. Eat and feel responsible for the kitchen waste they generated. Compost kitchen waste in their own DIY compost bin made.

Activity 4: Composting

How to compost using locally available materials

The wet waste brought in by the participants and the wet waste generated from the salad making activity will be composted with locally available composting materials in the DIY composters.

Activity 5: Gardening

How to grow simple vegetable and greens with compost and soil

Will demonstrate how to grow vegetables and greens using pots, seeds, soil. The session will also include tips on how to enrich the compost and how compost can be used to enrich the yield of your plants and greens.

Activity 6: Questions & Answers

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